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At PHCS we take pride in the quality of work we provide. With over 20 years combined experience, fully insured, bonded and responsible, We always ensure 100% customer satisfaction .

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PKG 1 Single Studio Basic Clean

Studio/Apartment Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly 1 Service Team Member - 2-3 Hrs to Complete - Scheduled Weekly/Bi- Weekly - 1-2 Bed - 1 Bath - living Room - Kitchen-Dining Room - 1 Extra Room - Perfect for the single life, not too expensive and not too time consuming. Most clients like to choose weekly/bi-weekly service to keep their home in tip top shape.

PKG 2 - 2 Bed Apart/Basic Clean

- Condo/Apartments Weekly/Bi Weekly/Monthly 1 Service Team Member - 2-3 Hrs to Complete - Scheduled Weekly/Bi- Weekly - 2-3 Bed - 2 Bath - Kitchen - Living Room - Dining Room - 1-2 Extra Rooms. Perfect for the working young couple that just needs a little extra help around the house when times get to busy to do it yourself. We take the stress out of home cleaning and always provide top quality at reasonable and affordable prices. Most clients choose Bi-Weekly/Monthly to keep up with regular house maintenance

PKG 3 Advanced Deep Cleaning

Move out's/ Evictions/ Damage Deposit Rescue 2 service team members - One-time thorough deep cleaning, 2 Bed 2 Bath - Kitchen - Living Room - Dining Room - 1 Extra Room- Add on more rooms - Land Lord Assessment Sheet - PHCS Certified company completion invoice. Perfect for proof of completion by a professional cleaning company so you have no issue with getting you damage deposit back! - Landlords love the quality of cleaning we provide... Simple, easy, hassle free, your landlord will be impressed you took such great care of their property. (Act Now and Call us today our move outs book fast as everyone books 2-3 weeks in advance!)

PKG 4 PRO- Heavy Traffic Clean

2 Service Team Members- 3-4 Bed - 3-4 Bath - 2 living Rooms - Basement - 3 Extra Rooms - Our Elite High-End Cleaning PKG is perfect for big family homes 3+ kids or B&B accommodations with heavy traffic. Come home to a clean house after work and don't worry about cleaning up the living room, kitchen, bed rooms, bathrooms, rec room, Etc every again! With our Elite PKG we maintain big family homes, so you can just cook dinner, go out to the ball game or sit back and relax and not have to worry or stress over when you have to find the time to clean your home. Most of our elite clients like to choose weekly/biweekly with heavy traffic to maintain the longevity of their investment. Heavy use causes heavy wear and tear and needs to be regularly maintained correctly to retain the highest quality of value! Bonded - Insured – Trusted - PHCS the only choice for the elite client!

Choose From Over 25 Cleaning Services

Vacuum/Mop (All Rooms/Floors) Dusting/Disinfect 99.9% Bacteria, Scrub Down and Wipe Clean All Surface Tops, Disinfecting and Clean Windows Sills, (3 Treat) Disinfect and Scrub Tub/Jacuzzi/Shower/ Toilet and Toilet Bowl, Wipe Clean Baseboards, Make beds with new linens, Wipe Clean All Blinds, Garbage Removal and Re-Line All Trash Cans, Spot Check Walls, Wipe Down All (Reachable) Light Fixtures and Globes, Children Hand Print Removal, Wipe Down All Exterior Cabinets, Wipe Down All Exterior Furniture, Dust All (Reachable) Ceiling Fans